Marjara Care Group – Pingley Court, Sheffield

The Project

At Pingley Court, Blueleaf’s teams worked from concept to completion, including all building works and fit-out, for the Marjara Care Group. The Group provides high quality residential, day and respite care for the elderly as well as those living with dementia, primarily within the Scunthorpe area.

With a growing portfolio of care homes, the Marjara Care Group took on the lease of a dilapidated, two storey nursing facility in Sheffield which had been vacant for some time, with a view to transforming it into a high-quality home in which life can be well-lived.

The landlord’s aim was to maximise the value of the non-productive asset, investing in a complete renovation to include structural changes and new interiors throughout. And so Marjara Care Group worked closely with Blueleaf’s design team to bring the property up to date, improve both look and layout with the focus on the health, safety and well-being of residents.

The inspiration

Taking inspiration from the leafy woodland setting, we scoped out a comprehensive scheme which was then delivered seamlessly by our project managers within just six months.

A sense of space, natural light and woodland views were central to our design and space planning aspirations, particularly as some residents may not be able to spend time outdoors. We fully appreciated the importance of bringing the outside world in.

Making the most of space

Structural improvements included open style nurse stations at the corners of corridors achieved by knocking down several small, closed in offices.

We also removed the walls that divided two lounges and opened up the activity and café lounge area on the lower ground floor, creating a space for residents to relax in and welcome and host visitors. A hair salon was also added to help to boost the lifestyle experience, wellbeing and self-esteem of the residents.

Marjara Care Group encourage their residents to retain and regain as much of their independence as possible. We made each space safe without compromising on comfort and style, applying this approach to bedrooms as well as communal areas. There are great views from the new lounge area’s as well as patio areas which we’ve made safe and accessible for those venturing outdoors.


Practical and refined

Pingley Court’s design is clean and modern yet with a country feel providing warmth and an inviting environment. It’s calming and restful too, achieved by combining a neutral, natural based palette with elements inspired by nature.

Heritage checks, wools and woven upholstery fabrics, soft sage and fern green coloured walls, floral and leaf-themed window dressings, all add depth and warmth. Ornaments and wall art have been carefully chosen to encourage conversations and reminiscence of bygone eras.

Pingley Court has the perfect balance of comfort and safety. A practical, attractive environment where residents can feel at home.

Blueleaf sets the benchmark

We have set a benchmark and says Sam Marjara, Director of Marjara Care Group: “With their expertise and understanding of what we wanted, Blueleaf have delivered us a fantastic project.

We’ve set a standard here, that when the homes we have in Scunthorpe need to be renovated, Blueleaf would be the ones that we’d pick up the phone to straight away.”

Dawn Martin, Home Manager: “It’s like a five-star hotel, but feels more like home than a hotel. And that’s been the general feel from absolutely everyone that’s come in.”

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